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The Spaghetti Games

On April 24th 2019, Eaglebotics hosted The Spaghetti Games, a fundraiser/competition where 7 teams of 3-4 North Broward Preparatory School students were pitted against one another when prompted to make structures out of spaghetti.

We raised nearly $200 towards a CNC machine!

The event organizers were Zachary Maizes, Kyrylo Boiko, Nikita Shakhraichuk, & Milo Gilad.

Spaghetti Tower Winners: Sprobotics

Team Members: Luc Saint-Genies, Nadia DeMarinis, Olivia DeMarinis, & Nicholas Aaftink-deLuca

Spaghetti Bridge Winners: Code Quest B-Team

Team Members: Joshua Maizes, Akhil Deo, Akash Deo, & Zach Bass

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