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Robotics Year In Review 2018-19

We made some great strides this year. Whether it be a dramatic increase in teaching our members or providing new competitions so that everyone has a role, we made our robotics program better for new students. For those of us with robotics experience, we developed a senior leadership team and began to re-focus Eaglebotics towards a brighter future, including developing a program to teach our peers next year, starting an annual school-wide fundraising event, making a brand-new website with lots of functionality and a great look, and completely re-working our approach to getting sponsorships and other fundraising strategies.

We brought on a new mentor, a new coach, and new students this year, and unfortunately are going to have to say good-bye to our seniors as they go off to college.

We won multiple awards this year in FRC, RDL, MATE, & FLL and did very well in FTC.

We wouldn't have been able to do this without North Broward and our other sponsors: Motorola, Vozzcom, & Johnny Mascots.

Steven Craw, our robotics coach, was yet again an amazing mentor who guided us through this process. Many thanks to him and his dedication. He and his wife went to nearly all of the competitions and were a great source of encouragement. We are very sad to see him leave us this year, and wish him well at Tech Garage!

Here's some words from one of our departing seniors, Zachary Maizes:

I spent about 2 hours a day on average in the robotics lab during the build seasons this year, and regret none of it. Robotics was clearly the highlight of my high school journey, and leading RDL and helping lead FRC were great uses of my time and I had a lot of fun doing so! Making this website took up a huge chunk of my time but seeing it makes it worth every minute. I love robotics and am so happy that I got this great opportunity!
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