Zachary Maizes


Senior Leadership Council & Exemplary Teammate

Information Technology Director

Zachary Maizes graduated from NBPS in 2019. He spent the vast majority of his time there preparing for and leading others in robotics, math, and programming competitions.  

While in robotics, he was the Mechanical Lead of an FTC team as a Sophomore.

As a Junior, he founded the Robot Drone League team and was the Captain of it.

During his Senior year, he continued leading the Robot Drone League team, became the Information Technology Director, made the Eaglebotics website, ran the Spaghetti Games fundraiser, and was a core member of the FRC team, leading to him being awarded the Exemplary Teammate Award.

He also designed games, apps, and websites in his free time, along with playing games with his friends. Now he is off to college having made his mark on North Broward, the teams he was a leader of, and this page on the website he made.

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